About the Course


Course History

Pomme de Terre Golf Club was established in 1923 as a nine hole facility. Throughout the years it has been a vibrant part of the Morris community. For years, it was the home to a supper club and swimming pool.

Although those structures do not exist, Pomme de Terre Golf Club is dedicated to restoring this course and once again making it a course that this community can be proud of. The course was purchased in April 2006 by a group of local businessmen.

Since that time, the course has been expanded to 18 holes designed by Joel Goldstrand, which opened in September 2007, a beautiful new 3500 square foot clubhouse, with a fully stocked proshop and snack bar, cart paths and numerous other improvements.

In 2011, the community purchased the course and created a cooperative which is governed by a Board of Directors.

We invite you to experience the ‘new’ Pomme de Terre Golf Club! Under new ownership, a fresh atmosphere and a memorable experience.

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